Our Top 5 Eco Dog Toys

by Chelsea Dogs

When you are searching for a great toy for your dog, it is always a good idea to choose something that is good for your dog as well as good for the environment. Luckily, at Chelsea Dogs, we have some brilliant toys you will be happy to let your dog play with. It may be hard to choose which ones are your favourite, so here are the top five in our opinion.

Luxury Organic Hypoallergenic Adam Dog Toy

Luxury Organic Dog Toy Adam Dog

Featuring a squeaker on the inside, this organic toy from Adam Toy provides hours of entertainment for your dog. Your dog will enjoy the colours and the rope tail while you will enjoy the fact that there are no toxic substances used at any point in the production of this toy. Everything is from renewable resources, so you will feel good about letting your dog tear it up.

Luxury Handmade Crochet Dog Bone Stripe Toys

Luxury Dog Toys Crochet Dog Bone Stripe Toys

The only thing better than the look of these Crocheted Toys is they are completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Handmade and adorable, these toys feature a squeaker inside so your dog will enjoy chewing on it for hours at a time. You can choose the colours you are looking for. We suggest buying a few so your dog will be able to have a choice in colour as well.

Luxury Crochet Octa Octopus Dog Toy

Luxury Dog Toy Crochet Octa The Octapus Pet London

There is something adorable about the way that this simple crocheted toy looks. The Octa Octopus has a smiling face and is made out of all cotton that has not been processed using harsh toxic chemicals. Because this toy is completely handmade, you do not have to worry about any machines being used to produce the toy. A great squeaker inside makes this toy very attractive to your dog as well.

Organic Ticking Bone Dog Toy Cranberry Stripes

Bone cranberry (small)-500x500 edited

Mutts and Hounds has produced some really brilliant dog toys that are also fantastic to find around the home. This is just one of the great Ticking Bone toys that they produce. It features external fabric from Emily Bond fabrics. It also features a squeaker on the inside so your puppy will enjoy chewing on it. The great look of the toy means you will not mind seeing it hanging around the home.

Stagbar Antler Multi Chew Dog Toy

Stagbar Antler Multi Dog Chew

Dogs are always looking for something to chew on and these Stagbar Antler Multi Chews satisfy that need. The deer antler is naturally shed every year by deer and humanely collected for use in these chew toys. It is outfitted with natural rubber in a ring around the antler and also provides an unbleached cotton rope. This gives your dog a variety of different surfaces to choose from when looking to chew on a toy.

These are only five of the great eco dog toys you will find on our website. Have a look at our complete range of dog toys and accessories by clicking here and keep in mind that we are always adding new items, so check in often.

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