Owning A High Drive Dog Breed

by Nancy Boland

If you are considering becoming a first time dog owner, then it’s important to pick a dog breed that fits well with your lifestyle. There are certain breeds which are a lot more demanding than others so if you lead a more sedentary life, an extremely active dog would not be a good choice at all.


First Time Owners 


High drive dogs make superb working dogs but in general are not the best choice for either first time owners or people who lead more sedentary lives. The reason being this type of dog generally needs a lot more in the way of physical and mental exercise to remain happy and healthy. If they do not get all the mental stimulation they need, they typically develop all sorts of behavioural problems due to boredom, like chewing furniture during a period of alone time.


However, for people who have the right sort of experience and who love spending all their free time in the great outdoors, a high drive breed of dog could be the perfect type of dog for you. A good example being the Border Collie, a breed that likes nothing better than to be kept busy, but there are other breeds which are considered to be “high drive” like Jack Russell terriers and most terriers in general in fact, which need constant stimulation and need to be kept busy.

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Things High Drive Dogs Need


High drive dogs are higher maintenance canines simply because their needs are that much greater than dogs that are quieter by nature. Their needs typically include the following:


  • Large amounts of stimulation, like interactive play that involves using their brain, or a physically stimulating activity like flyball.


  • Large amounts of exercise.


  • Not being left alone for long


High drive dogs make great companions as long as their owners fully understand their pet’s needs and know how to handle them. New or inexperienced dog owners would find it that much harder to cope with a breed of dog that boasts being high drive and may run into frustrations and difficulties keeping up with such a high maintenance dog.  With such a wide range of different dog breeds to choose from, finding a companion to suit your lifestyle means doing thorough research if you lead a more sedentary, relaxed lifestyle, staying away from a high drive breed.


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