Paws in the Park Dog Show

by Reena Bakir
paws in the park

Paws in the Park is the UK’s largest indoor and outdoor dog show for working, trained and pet dogs! With over 21,500 people and 15,000 dogs attending the Autumn Paws in the Park last year, numbers are only expected to grow for this year’s turn-up on the 15th and 16th of September 2018! If you’re looking for a fun weekend surrounded by dogs, entertainment and lots of fun, make sure not to miss this event! So grab your canine friends and head over to the lovely South of England Showground in Ardingly, West Sussex!

About Paws in the Park

Paws in the Park

Considered Britain’s favorite dog shows, Paws in the Park shows are a fantastic combination of entertaining activities and doggy fun! Dogs and their owners from all over Britain flock down to Sussex to attend this exciting event, some of which even choose to spend the night and enjoy the overnight entertainment and services.

Among the events taking place are iconic dog competitions such as heel-work to music, agility and novelty dog show classes, and much more!

What’s On

Whether you’re there to take part in the fun activities, try your shot at winning competitions or just enjoying the atmosphere, food and attractions available, Paws in the Park is a guaranteed fun day out for the whole family and your lovely canines! Here’s a look into the entertaining activities, shows and competitions taking place throughout the day and night!

Paws in the Park

Have A Go Activities. All these fun and games at the park aren’t only for your dog to enjoy! Owners can also take part in some of the exhilarating activities taking place all over the park! Some of these fun games that you can enjoy alongside your dog include Flyball, Obedience, Temptation Alley, Cani-Cross, Dogstable Course as well as many others!

Arena Attractions. At Paws in the Park, shows run throughout the entire day, so there’s not a moment of boredom! Guests of all ages are guaranteed entertainment with exciting shows such as the Agility Display which features dogs racing and flying over ramps and between poles at full speed. Other shows include Sheepdog displays, a show by Guide Dogs for the Blind, as well as gun dogs demonstration!

Doggy Competitions. Show off your talented pooches and win prizes in the Doggy Competitions! Whether your athletic pup loves to take part in agility, flyball or the cani-cross competitions, or try our their dancing paws in the Heeling to music challenge, you can guarantee a fun experience for both you and your pet!

Companion Dog Show. This fun and relaxed type of dog show has a range of different classes to enter your dog, from formal classes to more fun ones such as the Best Biscuit Catcher, and you are bound the find the perfect class for your pedigree pooch. The proceeds from this dog show are all donated to charity, so not only will you and your dog be having a good time, but you are also helping out a dog charity in need!

Weekend Camping. Some guests choose to spend the evening overnight at the camp where they are greeted with amazing entertainment throughout the night! With a selection of hot food and a bar, you can enjoy yourself and take part in any of the fun events, which include a Quiz night on Friday, and a Doggy Dancing session followed by Q&A and Bingo on Saturday!

Paws in the Park

Buy your tickets now!

Head over to the Paws in the Park website for more info and purchase your tickets for the event now!

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