PDSA Fit Club Helps Overweight Pets Lose Weight

by Alessia

The PDSA Fit Club helps overweight pets lose weight through a contest they hold. Families from all over UK can enter their overweight pets into this contest, which is essentially The Biggest Loser for pets. Of the seventeen finalists for this year’s competition, ten are dogs.

1. Max (six year old jack Russell) is 71% overweight due to his love of left-overs and biscuits.

2. Diesel (four year old Boxer) is 49% overweight due to his favorite snack, Custard Creams.enhanced-4013-1402223734-7

3. Daisy (five year old bulldog) is 42% overweight due to her flawless begging techniques, resulting in broccoli and cheese treats whenever she wants them.enhanced-4011-1402223731-1

4. Ty (six year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier) is 60% overweight due to his love of treats and large food portions.enhanced-28841-1402223766-1

5. Alfie (Miniature Pinscher…irony) is 109% overweight due to his love of pig ears and meaty twist treats.enhanced-28808-1402223745-1

6. Barney is 75% overweight due to insane hunger resulting from a medication for a skin condition.enhanced-10287-1402223715-9

7. Zed (eleven year old Border Collie) is a staggering 114% overweight, making him the most obese pet in the entire contest.enhanced-4020-1402223769-1

8. Oscar, while still overweight, has plateaued after a little bit of weight loss.enhanced-10296-1402223742-1

9. Bruce is 60% overweight due to his hatred of exercise and love of Weetabix with goat’s milk and honey.enhanced-28845-1402223729-9

10. Millie (twelve year old Jack Russell Terrier), former “runt of the litter” is 43% overweight due to generous food portions.PDSA_FAT_PETS_MILL_2931475b

And meet last year’s winner, Ruby!
pc_311621746979463Ruby was a spoiled rotten pooch who weighed in at more than 50% overweight until her owner entered her in the PDSA Fit Club last year. Now Ruby is at a healthy weight and loves running and playing, things she couldn’t do before due to lack of energy and physical size. Congratulations, Ruby!

See her full story here: 

Do you live in the UK and have an overweight or obese pet? Consider PDSA’s website for reference and next year’s Fit Club to get your pet back on the right track. It is so important to keep our dogs healthy and fit, but there are solutions for weight gain should it occur.

Alessia xx

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