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by Reena Bakir

Dog bandanas are all the latest fashion when it comes to making your small friend look fun and stylish! But while all the other dogs at the park may be sporting the same trends, your dog can be rocking their very own special fit with a personalised bandana!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, you can choose from a selection of luxury designer bandanas, coming in a range of prints and colours to suit your taste – and most importantly, your dog’s! Not only can you choose the design which fits your dog perfectly, but you can also make this accessory all the more special by personalising it especially for your pooch by adding their name and choosing from a range of fonts and colours.

We’ve picked out a small selection of our luxury personalised dog bandanas coming in a range of designs, all available to buy from our store here.

Barkberry Plaid Personalised Dog Bandana

barberry dog bandana

Who doesn’t love a little luxury plaid? With this Barkberry Plaid bandana, your dog will look like the fanciest one out of all of his doggie friends, especially with his name imprinted right across his new favourite accessory. Coming in a range of sizes and featuring a classic beige tartan design, this bandana will show just how pampered your pooch is!

Rose Gold On Pink Personalised Bandana

pink personalised dog bandana

Looking for a gentle colour to match perfectly with your pretty little pet? This bandana which features rose gold printing on pink cotton fabric will fit perfectly! Not only is this bandana comfortable and soft, but it’ll also make your dog look like the cutest one at the park!

Yellow Stars Personalised Dog Bandana

yellow stars personalised dog bandana

Add an exciting splash of colour with this vibrant yellow bandana, and make it completely unique to the fun dog sporting it! Featuring a print of white stars on a sunshine yellow background, this bandana will look all the more cool with your dog’s name printed right across!

Unicorn Personalised Dog Bandana

unicorn dog bandana

This extremely cute bandana features adorable unicorns and rainbows on a sky blue background. Perfect for a darling pooch who isn’t afraid to show their charm, this unique hankie will let everyone know the name of the cutest dog on the block!

Black Skulls Personalised Dog Bandana

black skulls personalised bandana for dogs

Do you want your dog to show just how daring and bold they really are? With this black bandana featuring valiant white skulls, all the other dogs will surely know their place around yours! Add a personalised touch and print your dog’s name on this bandana, making this a special gift tailored especially to them!

Green Vintage Personalised Dog Bandana

green floral personalised pet bandana

You can never go wrong with a little flowers! This refreshing bandana features a beautiful flower print onto light green cotton fabric, giving the accessory a vintage appeal! If your dog loves looking fashionable and making statements with their looks, then this bandana is the perfect choice for your fabulous pet!

There’s more!

It doesn’t end here. We have a range of adorable, fabulous and simply stylish designs to choose from on our online store, so if you’re still looking for that perfect unique accessory to pamper your pooch, take a look at our selection here!

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