Personalised Birthday Cakes & Treats For Dogs

by Chelsea Dogs

bulldog birthday

As your dog’s birthday draws near, you might wonder what you will do. Maybe a few squeaky toys or a new bed is appropriate. But, many owners have been throwing parties for their dogs. This can be a lot of fun, but what do you serve at a dog party? You need something for the dogs to eat right? There are birthday cakes you can purchase for your dog as well as cookies and treats that can be served at a dog party. The kinds of cakes or treats you serve is completely up to you. Here are a few suggestions for each end.

Great Personalised Dog Cakes

If your dog enjoys chocolate, you can look into the great Luxury Personalised Bone Shaped Dog Birthday Cake. This actually contains carob, rather than chocolate in the frosting so it is suitable for your dog. This cake can have your dog’s name or any personal message added to the cake. It is a great way to show just how much you really care.

personalised dog birthday cake

If you are looking for a white cake instead, you can try out the Luxury Personalised Dog Birthday Cake. This gives your dog a great cake that can also be personalised with their name or a personal message.


While the message on the cake will not be legible to your pet, it makes it a lot of fun to serve to your dog. Just watching your dog tear into the cake is a lot of fun. You will feel good knowing that the cake has been specially made just for a dog. The ingredients and the frosting for the cake are all designed to provide your dog with something that will truly provide them with a happy birthday.

Freshly Made Wishes

One truly great thing about when you purchase these cookies or cakes for your dog is that they are all made fresh. Everything will have been made within seven days of the time you receive it, so you will be able to feel good about serving them to your pet.

If you are looking to order these kinds of treats, you will only need to contact Chelsea Dogs through the support email on [email protected]. This will allow you to order the exact cookie or cake you are looking for as well as the message you want on them. All of the treats will last about one to two weeks, but generally will be enjoyed much faster than that.

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