Personalised Dog Bowls Make The Perfect Gift For Dog Lovers

by Reena Bakir
personalised dog bowls

Dinner time is the most important time of the day for any dog, so it’s important to keep this time special and entertaining! And what can be more special than getting your friend their own personalised dog bowls!

At Chelsea Dogs, we offer a range of high quality luxury dog bowls to choose from. Print your dog’s name on a large selection of unique, classic and fun bowls in many shapes and colours tailored to your desires, and make your dog’s dining experience all the more special. With their own personalised bowl, your dog will be eating and drinking from the coolest plate in the house!

Here’s a list of some of our favourite personalised dog bowls, with many more designs and styles available at our store here.

Personalised Ceramic Whimsical Dog Bowls

personalised dog bowls at Chelsea dogs

These new ceramic personalised bowls are the perfect gift to make your dog feel adorable and unique! You can choose from a selection of designs, including hearts, paws or bones, and the colour can be customised to suit your preference! Add the final special touch to these enchanting and whimsical bowls by adding your dog’s name in the font provided.

Personalised Ceramic Roses Dog Legs Bowls

personalised roses dog legs bowls

Get your fun-loving dog these cute and quirky ceramic dog leg bowls! You can choose from a range of customisable colour schemes for the roses, and add your pup’s name to create a complete personalised look! Complete with four dog paws and a tail at the back, this unique and exciting bowl is guaranteed to make you pup’s meal time the best time of the day!

Personalised Granite Design Dog Bowls

granite marble effect personalised bowls for dogs

Add a splash of fun to your dog’s dinner time with these eccentric granite design bowls, coming in a range of colours and sizes, from small to extra large, customized to your needs! They can also come in four different sets, combining different sizes and designs for your chosen bowls. By adding the finishing touch of your pet’s name, these luxury bowls will satisfy any pet’s hunger and thirst!

Personalised Paws 14cm Medium White Pet Bowl 

personalised paws ceramic dog bowl

These classic styled bowls offer a practical yet unique plate for your pooch to eat and drink from! Not only does it come with a simple paw print design and the name of your dog printed across, but you can also add a cute little catch phrase for your dog below! The bowl also comes in larger sizes which can be found on our site here.

Personalised Princess Medium 14cm White Pet Bowl

personalised pink princess dog bowl

Make your pampered pooch feel all the more spoiled with this adorable pink princess pet bowl! Personalise the bowl by adding your pet’s name and making her feel like the special little princess that she is! The bowl also comes in other larger sizes found here.

Personalised Slanted Spotty Dog Bowls And Treats Jar Set

personalised slanted spaniel dog bowls

This lovely set of slanted spotted dog bowls is an ideal gift to any dog owner, coming with two bowls available in different sizes and a treat jar specifically made for your pooch’s snacks! The fun spotted design comes in a variety of colour schemes, and can be altered to suit your preferences! Add your dog’s name onto the bowls and jar of this set to make him feel outstanding and excited for dinner time!

There’s more!

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, or are curious to check out more designs and styles to suit your pup’s preference, check out the fabulous selection of luxury dining bowls and sets available at our store here!

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