Pet dog sets house ablaze trying to get biscuits

by Bronwyn Hall

A pet dog set the family home on fire trying to reach for biscuits, it has emerged.

Staffordshire cross Boxer, Leo, was home alone when he managed to turn on the electric hob in an attempt to reach the tasty treats.

The hob had set light to a child booster seat that was resting on top of it, destroying the kitchen and almost setting the whole house alight. The fire brigade were called to the Peckham residence when smoke was noticed coming from the home. Two fire engines and around 14  firefighters and officers from Peckham and New Cross fire stations attended the incident.

pet dog

A London Fire Brigade spokesman said “It shows just how important it is to keep pets away from naked flames or cooker controls and to make sure kitchen surfaces and cookers are clear of food and other items that can easily catch fire,”

Mr Mosey, Leo’s owner, said that the family are now having to live off sandwiches while they await the repair work on their kitchen to be completed.

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