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by Reena Bakir
tewkesbury park hotel

Take your dog to the lovely canine retreat at Tewkesbury Park Hotel, where you can enjoy a luxurious stay set across 163 acres of beautiful Gloucestershire nature. Appreciate the beautiful landscape views that the hotel has to offer, and enjoy a stay filled to the brim with hospitality and comfort with your pampered dog right beside you!

About Tewkesbury Park Hotel

tewkesbury park hotel

Founded as a family-owned hotel, Tewkesbury Park Hotel is located within the captivating Gloucestershire countryside. As an individual business, their independence signifies that they can offer a tailored experience of luxury, comfort and satisfaction that is unique like no other.

Located only five minutes away from M5 junction 9, the Twekesbury Park Hotel is easy to reach from Gloucester, Worcester and Cheltenham. Due to it’s location, the hotel overlooks some of Britain’s most breathtaking views, including Cotsworlds, Severn Valleys and the Welsh Mountains.

Canine Retreat

tewkesbury park hotel

Living up to their dog-friendly reputation, the hotel allows guests to bring along their dogs for a lovely Canine Retreat, where they will be greeted with luxury memory foam mattresses, treats and patio doors that lead your dog right outside into the beautiful gardens to explore. Awaiting guests in their room would be a lovely welcome package of treats, a luxury bed as well as food and water, making sure your dog remains satisfied! The hotel also suggests walks and trips to take your dog on to make the best out of this special vacation. The staff team is also comprised of dog lovers who are not only dedicated to making your stay memorable, but also making sure your canine friend enjoys their trip!


The Tewkesbury Park Hotel not only acts as a place to relax and enjoy nature, but also comes with entertaining facilities to ensure a well-enjoyed stay.

Golf. As a gold resort, the hotel gives great importance to the 6,579 yard golf course positioned in the perfect idyllic setting. The course includes fabulous features that only exemplify the experience, with water features, mature trees and surrounding greenery in excellent condition. The golf course is also catered to its guests, and therefore ranges from professional courses to those for beginners.

Events. The resort can also be a beautiful place to host events such as luxurious weddings and parties. With their ideal setting and beautiful surroundings, you can have your fairy-tale wedding right at the Tewkesbury Park Hotel with all your friends and family!

Spa. If you are looking to unwind after a long day of experiencing nature and playing golf, then the spa is your perfect next destination. With their range of nature-inspired chemical-free treatments, you can be pampered at the spa with a variety of different treatments and pamper packages!

Tewkesbury park hotel


The hotel offers different room types, each unique in their own features and characteristics. From small cosy rooms to classier top-notch suites, all of the rooms overlook breathtaking views from their windows and balconies for both you and your dog to afford, and dogs are allowed to stay in the rooms for a mere 40 pounds per night. With their luxury beds and state of the art TV and technology, you can guarantee your stay would be surely exquisite.

Dine with Your Dog!

At the Piano Lounge, your canine friends can dine alongside you on their very own doggie meal! With their locally-sourced dishes, guests can guarantee to enjoy the wide selection of meals offered with the choice of vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Make your booking!

Are you interested in paying the hotel and resort a special visit with your canine friend? Make sure to visit their website and contact them to book your room and get the best deals!


Number: 01684 272300

Address: Lincoln Green Lane, Tewkesbury, GL20 7DN

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