What to Expect from Pet Sitting

by Chelsea Dogs
Jordan Walker

Have you ever postponed or cancelled a trip or even a date because you can’t afford to leave your dog alone at home? You don’t even need to drop your pet at your sister’s house or ask for a less-than-willing and inexperienced friend to pet sit for you. All these things can be taken care of by a pet sitting service from professional and experienced pet sitters.

With professional pet sitting, you don’t even need to take your pets out of your home and into familiar and possibly uncomfortable surroundings. Here are the things that you can expect to get from pet sitting services:

Jordan Walker

professional pet sitter

  • Live-in care. If your dog does not do well in an environment that is new to them, it would be best to let them stay at home and have a dependable live-in sitter. There are pet sitters who can provide 24/7 care for your pet so even if you’re away, it would seem like you’re still around. This will benefit your pet in a way that they can sleep safe and sound knowing that they are still at home. 
  • Genuine care. There are pet sitters who are lifelong pet owners and real animal lovers themselves. You can even find ones who have worked in veterinarian’s offices or anywhere else where they have constant contact with animals, giving them the experience to handle your pet with expert care.
  • Pet training. If you don’t have the time to train your pet as you go on trips for work or for pleasure, you can ask the pet sitter to conduct the training for you. Professional sitters usually provide these services so when you come home, you will have a newly trained dog that hopefully does what you tell him or her to do. Good pet sitters/trainers would know the importance of being consistent, being repetitious, and giving treats to dogs during training. This is what you can find in pet day care too.
  • Daily, familiar routine for your dog. It is enough for your pet to get upset because you are not home. Don’t make them even more anxious by not letting them do their usual thing when they are left in the care of a friend or family member who also has their own routine to stick to. A professional sitter will make sure that your pet will stick to the routine that you have set for their day-to-day life. If you always take them to the park at five in the afternoon, to pet day care at eight in the morning to play with other pets, or to the lake for swimming during the weekends, you can ask your pet sitter to do all these things for your dog.
  • Immediate response during emergencies. You can find professional pet sitters who are trained how to handle dogs during emergencies. They would know how to perform first aid or CPR when necessary. If you have entrusted your dog to sitters with these capabilities, you don’t have to fidget in the middle of a conference or to keep making follow-ups in the middle of a delightful sunbathing session with friends by the beach. It would be like giving the responsibility to the head of a pet day care, only that the care is provided at home.
  • Police checked. Professional pet sitters are police checked. Make sure though to ask them for proof that they can be trusted to enter and live in your home for the duration of your vacation or trip. Even if you leave them for a month, you can trust that you can go back to the same beautiful home that you left with your dog safe and happy in it. This will be the greatest path towards having peace of mind while you are enjoying your vacation.
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meet and greet

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of someone living at home, you can try dog boarding too. If you are going on a vacation, why not let your dog do the same? However, a meet and greet would be necessary between the host’s dog and your pet, the guest dog. If you do it right, it can be the best dog’s day out for your precious pet.

It starts with a meeting of both dogs at a neutral location. A meet and greet session would be a good change for you to talk to the dog host about your pet’s temperament, health condition, diet and other special requirements. Make sure you give accurate details. In the same way that moms pack for their kids, you should do the packing for your dog too, which should include their dog food, collars and leashes, food bowl, water, and even a single shirt that still has your smell on it. This will ensure that your dog day care will be perfect.

Dog vacation will be perfect for both you and your dog if you choose the right pet sitter or dog host. As you enjoy your kind of vacation, your dogs should have the privilege to enjoy theirs.

by: Jordan Walker

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