Pet Travel: Essentials For Travelling With Your Dog

by Chelsea Dogs
pet travel

Planning to escape on a little holiday this summer? There are many things you need to know and prepare in advance for if you are planning on taking your dog with you. Here is some more information on taking road trips with your dog in the UK.

pet travel

It is essential that you have everything organised for a relaxed, stress-free trip with your dog. Before you go, here’s what you need to have sorted:


Pet Travel - Dog Vaccinations

Your pet needs to be up-to-date with all vaccinations. If you are leaving the UK and heading to Europe, your dog will have to have had their rabies vaccinations three months before you go. We always advise you take their vaccination record card along with their Pet Passport that should also be completely up-to-date with all medical information.


Pet Travel - Microchipping

From 6th April 2016 it will be compulsory for all dogs in England and Wales to be microchipped. Whether your are travelling or not with your dog, it is ESSENTIAL that they are microchipped for identification purposes. Read all you need to know about microchipping here.


pet passport

If you are travelling outside the UK, your dog will need a Pet Passport and yes, you can add a photograph! They are very easy to apply for, your vet can help you with the application and advise on what vaccinations are required. As mentioned above, please remember that your dog will need to have a rabies vaccination followed by a 21 day wait before they will be able to receive a Pet Passport. For more information on Pet Travel and what is required by law, please visit


So many people think they can get away with not insuring their pets and that nothing will happen to THEIR dog. Take it from us, it is well worth it. God forbid your pet runs into any trouble whether here in the UK or worse, abroad, wouldn’t your mind be at rest knowing they are covered and you won’t be receiving huge vet bills? Spend some time researching pet insurance and make sure you know what is covered in your chosen policy and what is not.


It’s a great idea to know where your closest vets will be to where you are staying. If you are leaving the UK with your pet, you will need to visit the local vet before returning home so you dog can be medicated against TapewormTapeworm rules apply to pet dogs only. Not less than 24 hours and not more than 120 hours (1 to 5 days) before its scheduled arrival time in the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme, your dog must be treated against tapeworm and the treatment recorded in the EU pet passport or the third country official veterinary certificate.

For your journey, you’ll need a few essential things to ensure your pet has a safe and comfortable trip. Here’s what you should pack:

  • a couple of soft blankets for the car and a towel or two for wiping paws after pee-breaks
  • safety car harness or pet carrier/crate
  • stress relief medication if your dog is not a good passenger and tends to feel sick
  • antler chews – these are great because they are not eaten so will not cause any tummy upsets but will keep your dog busy during periods of boredom
  • poo bags
  • travel bowl for water and food

Make settling in at your holiday destination easy for your dog by taking a few home comforts. Here’s what you should consider taking with you for your dog:

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