Puppies Learning to Howl

by Alessia

Warning: watching this video in a public space where audibly “awwww”ing and “omg”ing may be unacceptable is highly discouraged. This video is too much. These adorable puppies learning to howl are just a lot to handle emotionally. All of these tiny fur balls are listening to their owners howl and then attempting it themselves with their tiny puppy voices. It’s so cute. Some of these puppies are so small that their attempt at howling is so quiet and high pitched that you have to lean into your screen just to absorb the full amount of cute, and some of them, like labradors are a little bit bigger of a puppy, but surprisingly still have the highest pitched little howls I’ve ever heard. I remember when Lucas started to howl as a puppy, so this video just brought back a ton of adorable memories.

Alessia xx

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