Quiz: are you a crazy dog lady?

by Bronwyn Hall

I was once called a fairy dog mother but mostly I’m called a crazy dog lady. I am totally okay with that because I embrace my dog crazy ways to the full. And so should you!

However, if you’ve ever wondered just how crazy dog lady (or man – we’re not sexist. Just Catist. Kidding, I’m kidding! Kind of…) you are then this is the quiz for you.

Take a note of your answers and tot them up at the end!

Q1. How many dogs do you own?

A: None. Nope. No dogs for me!

B: One or two. Maybe three.

C: Do you mean how many dogs do I own or how many do I consider my own?


Q2. What is your favourite thing about dogs?

A: Not much, some are cute. I guess.

B: They really are man’s best friend! Loving, loyal and great fun!

C: I adore everything about their beautiful existence. I struggle not to stare when I see them in the street.


Q3. How much dog memorabilia do you own?

A: What? Uh, maybe a book with a dog in it…somewhere.

B: Oh, a few things here and there. Mostly cute little gifts from friends and family,

C: You mean what do I not own! I have the t-shirts, the scarves, the mugs, dog shaped candles…


Q4. How many dog publications do you subscribe to or read?

A: Zero.

B: I read some dog magazines occasionally.

C: Several. And I love them.


Q5. What is your spirit animal?

A: What now?

B: Something that represents the inner me. Maybe like a stag or a fox.



Q6. How often do you buy things for your dog?

A: I don’t own a dog. I don’t even know why I’m taking this quiz.

B: Now and then. Mostly their food.

C: More than I’d care to say…


Q7. Have you been called a crazy dog person before?

A: …………………

B: Maybe as a joke.

C: Yes, all the time. It’s my Twitter handle.


Q8. Taking your dog on holiday with you: yes or no?

A: Why would you do that?!

B: Sometimes, yes. However, it’s nice to have a break – just the humans!

C: Well now, it just wouldn’t be a holiday without the precious little darling(s)!


Q9. Sharing your bed with the dog: yes or no?


B: Okay, I’m guilty of it sometimes!

C: How could I sleep if my little one wasn’t there next to me?


Q10. Have you ever avoided a social event because you wanted to be with your dog(s)?

A: No. No. No.

B: Once or twice. Mainly because they were poorly!

C: Quite often. I much prefer the company of my canine pal.


Mostly A’s: You are definitely not a crazy dog person. At all. For sure. I’m not even sure if you like dogs *gasp*. But you probably know this already. Why are you taking this quiz?

Mostly B’s: You love dogs! Who doesn’t?! You may have been called a crazy dog person as a joke but you definitely have your priorities right! Sure, dogs are great but you know where to draw the line and that’s a good thing. Of course, you love your canine companion and appreciate other dogs too, but you certainly do not want to receive dog orientated gifts for every occasion. Also, a holiday without the daily 7am walkies and the constant sound of that flipping squeaky ball sounds like bliss…

Mostly C’s: You and I could be firm friends. You love dogs big time and you certainly are not afraid to show it. You show it with your Christmas wish list, your accessories – heck, you probably even have a dog related tattoo! You can’t think of anything better to do on a summer’s day than head to the local dog show and you relish having your fur baby curled up in bed with you every night. Leaving for work every morning is like torture and you practically run home to catch up with your four legged friends!

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