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by Reena Bakir
ralph and co

A British lifestyle brand dedicated to creating designer accessories and bedding for dogs, Ralph and Co produce a range of luxurious, high quality products for your pets to enjoy. With their products created from the finest genuine leather coming from exceptional tanneries all over Italy, this brand guarantees quality, durability and exquisite style.

Check out Ralph and Co’s collection of wonderful products at our store here, and read more to find out more about the brand and some of their great products!

About Ralph and Co

Renowned for their ‘British Style and Italian Craftsmanship’, Ralph and Co are committed to the production of Grade A upholstery cushions and beds as well as unique collars and leads made from rich Italian tanned leather, using a combination of excellent design and skilled craft to create their products.

Famous for the undeniable quality of their products, Ralph and Co employ the highest quality materials into their designs. Many of their products are made from Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather, a result of long-lasting expertise closely connected to the lifestyle and culture of the production areas in Tuscany. With this sincere dedication to quality, Ralph and Co’s products are guaranteed for opulence, durability and undeniable style.


Among the products manufactured by Ralph  and Co are their beds and blankets, made from the finest upholstery fabrics with comfortable fillings and leather accessories.

Henley Nest Dog Bed

ralph and coThis Henley nest dog bed by Ralph and Co in beautiful grey and black mixed tweed is designed in Great Britain and hand-crafted in Italy. The fabric is of the highest quality, with extreme durability and toughness to remain in top condition for years. The bed’s cushion, which is reversible, offers a soft fleece on one side which is perfect for snuggling and providing a warm restful sleep. The bed also comes with a genuine leather label and handle, made from premium vegetable tanned leather from Tuscan tanneries. Coming in four sizes, the bed is ideal for all dog breeds!

Windsor Pillow Dog Bed

ralph and coThis fashionable Windsor dog bed in grey is a stylish addition to any room and is dedicated to the comfort of your dog. Made with high quality upholstery fabric which is tough and durable, the inside of the cushion is also filled with virgin fibre to encourage healthy sleeping positions. The cushion’s cover is removable and can be machine-washed, allowing for easy maintenance. It comes in a range of sizes and is ideal for dogs to strength out on, no matter their size!

Collars and Leads

Ralph and Co’s collars and leads are all handmade by the finest Italian artisans and using the highest quality vegetable tanned leather, guaranteeing quality and comfort.

Hammersmith Fabric and Leather Oatmeal Dog Collar

ralph and coThis Hammersmith fabric and leather dog collar has been designed by combining two of Ralph and Co’s expertise materials: vegetable tanned leather and upholstery fabric. Handmade to perfection by Italian artisans, this collar features the warm snug colors of the natural countryside, and will look stylish on any canine! Made using an extra strong internal webbing, buckles and fixing, the collar will remain durable and strong. This lovely shade in Oatmeal comes in four sizes.

Sorrento Black Double Leather Dog Collar 

ralph and coThis exquisite Sorrento black double leather collar is of the highest quality, made from vegetable tanned Italian leather. Unlike usual collars, that use one piece of leather, this range has two quality pieces of leather bound together seamlessly to provide a beautiful smooth finish inside and out. The collar’s buckles are made from solid brass that are rust-resistant and tough.

Hammersmith Fabric and Leather Dog Lead

ralph and co

Pair up  your collars with fabulous leads such as this Hammersmith fabric and leather lead, made from the finest upholstery fabric and tanned leather. Not only will this lead look fashionable and elegant while walking your dog out, but their strong inner webbing and tough fixing will guarantee durability and control.

There’s More!

There’s many more fabulous products by Ralph and Co available at our store here, with a range of designs, materials and colors all dedicated to making your dog look as luxurious and stylish as possible!

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