Real Leather Dog Sofas | Luxury Dog Beds

by Chelsea Dogs

We have a stunning collection of real leather dog sofas that are not to be sniffed at. Why buy a new dog bed every few years when you can invest in a top quality genuine leather dog sofa bed that will not only last a lifetime but will be a piece of furniture in your living room or kitchen rather than being an eyesore that you try and hide out of sight from guests.

Our real leather dog sofa beds now come in a range of colours with your choice of matching leather cushion, faux fur cushions or checked fabric cushions. Of course, you can still choose between our two styles of dog sofa too, the roll-top Balmoral or the straight back Sandringham. We’re not going to list all the different combinations, just a selection of our favourites and best-sellers.

To view our entire range of real leather dog sofas and the faux leather dog sofas, click here.

Scott’s of London Balmoral Black Real Leather Dog Sofas

Black real leather dog sofa

Scott’s of London Sandringham Dog Sofa Grey Real Leather With Black Leather Cushion

Real Grey Leather Dog Sofa With Black Cushion

Scott’s of London Balmoral Dog Chesterfield Red Real Leather

Red Real Leather Dog Sofa Chelsea Dogs

Scott’s of London Balmoral Dog Chesterfield Brown Real Leather

Brown Genuine Leather Dog Sofa Bed

Sandringham Dog Sofa Black Real Leather With Black And White Checked Cushion

Black real leather dog sofa bed with fabric cushion

Sandringham Dog Chesterfield Brown Real Italian Leather

real Italian leather dog sofa bed

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