Reasons to Walk Your Dog Every Day

by Melissa Keen

It can sometimes feel hard to get outside and walk your furry friend – excuses such as feeling tired, bad weather, or just not having the time can easily spring to mind and prevent you from getting out there.

But walking your dog can have a host of health benefits – not just for your dog, but for you too.

A recent study carried out among 2,000 dog owners shows 8 out of 10 people walk their dogs for peace and quiet in order to escape the stress of everyday life.

With our lives becoming jam-packed, it can often feel like a welcome escape to leave the house and have a calming walk with our faithful furry friends by our sides.

Other positive reasons to get outside include having “me time”, getting some exercise, quality time with your dog, getting fresh air, meeting other dog walkers, and discovering new places.

We also love getting some headspace while out with our dogs in order to make difficult decisions, like moving house or changing jobs.

Many people recognize that dog walks are not only good for us physically but for our mental health too.

97% of dog walks generally enjoy walking their dogs and don’t see it as a chore. Not only that, but many people think it improves their relationships with their families and regularly take their partner or children along.

So what are you waiting for? Grab that lead and get out there to make the most of all these benefits!

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