Reflective Dog Harnesses To Keep Your Dog Walks Safe

by Reena Bakir
reflective dog harnesses

Whether you live in big crowded cities or small neighbourhoods, cars are always a concern when walking your dog. Dog owners all know the struggle of wanting to take their pups out for a walk in the evening or early hours of the morning but fearing that their dogs may not be seen in the dark. With these reflective dog harnesses, dog owners can guarantee that their dogs will always be spotted by any passerby, no matter the hour!

Here’s a selection of some of the best reflective dog harnesses which not only give you control over your dog as you walk them, but also make sure your dog is always seen by cars and people alike!

Pink Padded Reflective Dog Harness

pink dog harness padded

This reflective padded dog harness in green allows not only for comfort with its soft padded inside but also for safety with its reflective stylish pink design and straps which reflect light from cars, making your dog seen! The harness is fully adjustable, making it the perfect fit for any dog, and comes in a range of sizes.

Black Reflective Padded Dog Harness by Hem and Boo

reflective dog harness blackThis classy and stylish black harness from Hem and Boo features reflective edging for ultimate safety while walking your dog and is also fully adjustable. The harness is made from high-quality nylon fabric and is also padded for a soft fleece to ensure your dog’s comfort to the chest and stomach areas. This harness also distributes the pressure around your dog’s body, making it easier to control them during walks!

EzyDog Dog Harness Chest Plate Camouflage

reflective dog harnesses

This edgy dog harness in camouflage print is made from a support mould which adjusts to your dog’s chest and body, allowing for comfortable and controlled walks. It contains reflective stitching within its material, allowing for night time safety and walks in the dark! The harness is also easy to fit and adjust on your dog with its one-click straps, sparing you the hassle of trying to get your dog into the harness!

Reflective Red Raver Dog Harness By Hiro and Wolf

red reflective dog harness

This high-quality luxury harness is made using Dashing Tweed’s Lumatwill Fabric, featuring rows of reflective yarn embedded into the fabric, making this the perfect accessory for any dog whose a fan of night walks! The harness portrays a mixture of traditional yet modern designs, and is perfect for a pooch who loves to walk in style!

Doodlebone Bold Reflective Dog Harness Purple

doodlebone reflective dog harness

This reflective dog harness from Doodlebone comes in a stylish purple, and uses reflective edging around the straps and body to ensure your dog is seen in low-visibility environments! The super soft harness is designed to limit any discomfort or pain a collar and lead may cause to your dog by giving full control and support of the dog’s body. The harness comes in red as well as a range of adjustable sizes, allowing you to easily find the fit for your dog!

Looking for more?

If you are still looking for more harnesses to get for your special little friend, make sure to check out our store here, which offers comfortable and luxurious harnesses in a range of designs and styles!

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