Rescued Pitbull Troy

by Alessia

Lately I’ve been hooked on these Hope For Paws¬†videos. I posted one about Ralph, another dog that this man Eldad helped rescue, and since then I have been watching these videos like crazy. This one is about Troy’s rescue. Troy is a pitbull that was wondering a neighborhood in California for a while when a woman Leti noticed that he was hiding out in the bushes, swollen, and in pain. It was her call to Hope For Paws that saved Troy. Eldad approached the dog, warmed him up to being around humans with some hamburger meat, and got him to go to rescue shelter. You could see the pain Troy’s his eyes when Eldad approached him – dogs like Troy just need a little bit of help and a lot of love. They ran tests on him there, gave him a medicated bath, and got him to play around like the puppy that he is. This rescued pitbull is just another example of how no matter what, an animal can be saved if humans care enough to help them.

Alessia xx

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