Roo Roo The Two-Legged Dog Rescued From High Kill Shelter

by Chelsea Dogs
Roo Roo Two-Legged Dog

Roo Roo may only have two legs, but thanks to Second Hounds in the USA, she’s getting a second chance at having a full and happy life.  Roo Roo ended up at a high kill shelter in Kentucky and was then brought to Minnesota.

Roo Roo is a four-year-old terrier mix. Despite only having two legs, Roo Roo is just like any other dog.  She loves to run around and play, and has adapted very well to her physical situation.

Roo Roo Two-Legged Dog

According to her foster mom, “We do know what she had was amputated. Whether they were nubs or full paws at that point, it’s something we’ll never know.  She is well-adapted to moving around, doing the things she has to do.”

Roo Roo Two-Legged Dog

Someone has donated a specialised chair for her that allows her to sit up while eating.  She also has a special harness to assist with walks and she will soon be getting a specialised wheeled cart to help her get around.

Roo Roo Two-Legged Dog

“Her back legs are very strong,” said her foster mom.  “They compensate for holding her entire body weight.  We are trying to give her spine and mind the idea of, ‘let’s just walk,’ and she does it for a while, and then remembers she wants to hop.”

It would seem that Roo Roo is determined to survive.  She has overcome obstacles that most would simply give up over.  This little dog a a huge testament to  the old saying “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Now, the hunt is on to find her a forever home.

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