Rottweilers 101

by Alessia

Rottweilers are pretty amazing dogs, but unfortunately they have a bad rap as second most responsible for dog related deaths in the United States. This is greatly to do with the fact that rotties need a lot of attention and discipline – they’re an animal that needs to be trained straight away. Rottweilers are protective dogs, and must be taught when to protect, as well as when not to, i.e. when little kids are around. Rottweilers were originally bred for jobs that entail strength and discipline, such as pulling heavy carts or driving cattle. This breed needs a lot of attention and care, especially a ton of exercise if you want them to be the loyal family members and protectors that they can and should be. Lucas is part rottweiler, and I find it to be very true that even compared to most dogs he needs a ton of free time outside to run around and get all of his energy out, which is what all rottweilers need on a daily basis. This amazing and strong dog is a wonderful breed, but be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into when adopting a purebred.

Alessia xx

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