RSPCA Ask For Help In Solving This Emaciated Dog’s Story

by Chelsea Dogs

RSPCA inspectors in Leeds are trying to find out how a dog became so emaciated that her bones were showing through her skin.

A Saluki-type dog has been found wandering around Middleton, Leeds in a ‘shocking’ state. She was suffering such a severe skin condition she was almost completely bald.

emeciated saluki dog rspca

She was spotted by a member of the public in West Grange Gardens, Belle Isle on Sunday 15 September. He was so concerned about her that he took her home and called the RSPCA.

Grace, as she’s been named, was collected by RSPCA inspector Sally Bamforth and taken to a nearby veterinary practice, but was in such a terrible condition it wasn’t known if she’d survive.

For the first few days none of us knew which way it was going to go, but she was eating like she’d never seen food, and has improved day by day.

She was utterly emaciated and very weak, it was as though she didn’t want to sit or lay down in case she couldn’t get back up again. Her body temperature was of real concern. She was so cold. She was just 33 degrees instead of a normal 38 degrees.

Despite it all though she just wanted some love, and didn’t want to leave my side at the vets, it was heartbreaking.


Grace weighed just 11kg when she was collected and put on a whole kilogram in the first three days. A dog of her type would normally weigh between 20kg and 30kg.

As well as being emaciated, she was suffering from sarcoptic mange, a painful skin condition that results in loss of hair and crusting and cracking of the skin which is contagious, which she is also being treated for. She was moved to a private boarding establishment, paid for by the RSPCA, on Friday where she will need to stay in an isolation kennel, away from other dogs, until the condition has cleared up.

The RSPCA is appealing for anyone who knows who she belonged to, to get in touch.

Grace Credit: RSPCA

This poor girl was in a truly shocking state.

This certainly hasn’t happened to her overnight. She has been very badly neglected for a period of time and we want to find out who is responsible for that.

Anyone who recognises her and has specific information about her owner should call the RSPCA.


Grace is thought to be black and tan in colour, though it’s difficult to be sure because of the hair loss. She was wearing a thick leather collar when she was found, but wasn’t wearing an ID tag and wasn’t microchipped. She is a young dog, thought to be just a couple of years old.

If you can help please call 0300 1234 999 and ask to leave a message for inspector Bamforth.

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