Rupee, the First Dog to Climb Everest

by Alessia

Rupee, a once homeless dog living in a dump among other dogs through dehydration and starvation, has become the first dog on record to successfully climb Mount Everest. Joanna Lefson, Rupee’s owner, found him in Northern India in the aforementioned dump, and Rupee charged toward her. She knew then that he would be hers and since that day they have done amazing things together. Not only has Rupee climbed Everest, but he lead the way on most days while his human companions trailed behind. Rupee came into Lefson’s life at exactly the right time, on the heels of the loss of her four legged friend, Oscar, who traveled the entire world with Lefson and sadly passed away in January of this year. This trip she said, “was just a wonderful, spiritual, amazing experience and, obviously, in Oscar’s honor.”


How freakin’ cute is this brave little pup? I can’t take his face.

Alessia xx

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