Safe ‘Human’ Treats for your Canine

by Nancy Boland

We try to keep our dogs on their canine diets but sometimes we just can’t resist slipping them an occasional human treat. If you’d like to reward your pet with a healthy snack from time to time, make sure that you choose human foods that are safe for canine tummies.

Here are a few “dog-approved” people foods

Peanut butter

It’s loved by many a canine and is a great source of protein, and  heart healthy fats, vitamin B, niacin, and vitamin E. Stuff peanut butter into a Kong to keep your dog busy for hours. Choose organic peanut butter with no palm oil and make sure it is unsalted.

Cooked chicken

Chicken can  be slipped into the bowl along with your dog’s regular food to add extra protein to their diet. This also makes a good meal replacement if you find yourself unexpectedly out of your dog’s usual food.


 A great treat for a dog as long as she isn’t lactose intolerant, or dairy intolerant which can be possible. Opt for low varieties and don’t overfeed, as a lot of cheese has a high percentage of fat. Cottage cheese is a smart choice.

Baby carrots

Often found in healthier pre-packaged dog food anyway, carrots are low in calories and high in fiber and are packed with beta carotene/vitamin A which is great for your dog’s teeth.


Yogurts with active bacteria act as a probiotic  and are  as good for your dog’s digestive system as they are yours. Make sure you choose the variety with no artificial sweeteners or added sugars to really reap the benefits.

dog friendly food 1


A good source of omega 3 fatty acids, which can help make your dog’s coat healthy and shiny, as well as supporting their immune system. Feed your dog cooked salmon, skins included or add some cod liver oil to their food.


Scrambled eggs are a popular choice for puppies but provide an excellent protein boost regarding of age. Eggs are also a source of easily digestible riboflavin and selenium, making them a healthy snack.


The green type, not the Heinz variety. Make a great treat for your dog since they are filling and low in calories.


Apples are a good source of fiber as well as vitamin A and C. Make sure to take out the seeds and the core before feeding to your dog, as these can be choking hazards.


A great source of soluble fiber, which can be especially beneficial to senior dogs if they have any bowel irregularities. It is also a great alternate grain for dogs allergic to wheat. Make sure to cook oatmeal before serving it to your dog.

These are just a few of the human foods that you can include in your dog’s diet. Remember to always try them in moderation beforehand, in case of any negative reactions.  Remember that chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins, yeast dough, artificial sweeteners, macadamia nuts, and alcohol are all toxic to dogs and research should be thoroughly undertaken if you are uncertain if a food type is suitable. Never mindlessly feed your dog human food and always consult with your vet about any questions on what is safe and what is harmful.

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