Scottish Terrier 101

by Alessia

Scotties, or the Scottish Terrier is a tough and independent breed that was trained to kill vermin like its other terrier brothers and cousins. It is not unusual for a Scottish Terrier to live up to fourteen years, and during that lifespan they are fairly easy to train, will be good to children, will find their independence, and show off their courage. The Scottish Terrier is occasionally prone during its first six weeks to a year to a congenital disorder known as “Scottie Cramp” in which the dog’s brain signals get mixed up and the dog can hardly walk. There is no evidence that these cramps are painful, but they can be set off by stress, and are typically the only health issue seen in this breed. The Scottish Terrier has been a First Dog in the White House. Fala (below) was FDR’s companion during his presidency and was present when FDR passed away.



Watch more about the Scottish Terrier here!

Alessia xx

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