Scott’s Of London Luxury Dog Beds

by Reena Bakir
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Exquisitely British, Scott’s of London pride themselves on their dedication for luxury and comfort. Creating beds in unique form, structure and style, Scott’s of London’s products are instantly distinguishable and renowned for their high fashion! Their grandeur sofas offer the coziest place for your dogs to sleep while looking fashionable in any home environment!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we offer a range of fabulous luxury beds by Scott’s of London, coming in a variety of customisable color and style to create your ideal sofa.

Find the perfect bed for your pooch at the Scott’s of London brand page, and read more to find out more about the brand and discover our favorite picks!


Scott's of London Sandringham Dog Chesterfield Real Italian Leather Chelsea Dogs

Dedicated to creating a warm, secure and largely comfortable space for your dogs to relax, Scott’s of London manufacture dog beds that are beautifully handcrafted and built to last wear and tear. Designed specifically for the satisfaction of your pet, these sofas are easily accessible by four-legged friends and are built for ultimate comfort with soft cushions acting as the perfect place for your dog to rest their heads and necks!

Scott’s of London sofas can be entirely personalized, allowing buyers to mix and match the range of materials, colors, designs and sizes to create the perfect bed for their pet and a stylish furniture piece to fit in their house!


Since their designer dog sofas can be entirely customized to suit the needs of owners and their dogs, Scott’s of London allow buyers to choose from different materials, including faux leather, real leather and crushed velvet. Buyers can also choose the preferred size of their sofa, as well as the outer design and allow for the addition of recess buttons. The filling of the sofa’s cushions can also be chosen by the buyer depending on the dog’s needs!

Read on to discover some of the Scott’s of London sofa designs available at our store!

Sandringham Dog Sofa in Champagne Faux Leather

scott's of londonComing in a stunning champagne faux leather, this Sandringham sofa by Scott’s of London also comes with a premium faux leather fill cushion to match. Made from high quality material, this sofa is more than just a bed to relax in, but also acts as a fabulous furniture piece for any home!

Balmoral Dog Chesterfield Black Real Leather

scott's of londonExquisite in a stylish all black color, this stunning Balmoral Dog Chesterfield comes in real leather and is entirely handmade in the UK. This sofa exudes elegance into any space, and will make any pooch feel like the king of the house on their very own throne.

Sandringham Dog Chesterfield Silver Crushed Velvet

scott's of london

With its beautiful crushed velvet finish, this lovely Sandringham Dog Chesterfield is the epitome of luxury. The sofa comes with a matching crushed velvet cushion with medium-hard support, and the buttons can be customized with Swarovski crystals in toy and small sizes, making it a fabulous bed for a fabulous pooch.

Balmoral Dog Sofa in Steel Faux Leather With Siberian Wolf Faux Fur Cushion

scott's of londonThis beautiful Balmoral dog sofa comes in steel grey faux leather and a stunning Siberian wolf faux fur cushion for extra comfort and elegance. With its unique design and soft faux fur texture, this bed is guaranteed to make any dog’s rest cosy and comfortable!

There’s More!

There’s many more stunning Scott’s of London beds available at our store, with the entire range of sofas fully customizable and changeable to suit your taste! Make sure to check out the full collection of these fabulous sofas and find the ideal one for your canine companion!

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