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by Reena Bakir
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One of Europe’s leading brands for luxury pet bedding and accessories, Scruffs manufacture high quality pet products catered to your dog’s comfort and satisfaction.

About Scruffs

Scruffs UK Luxury Dog Beds

Founded in 2005 and based in Manchester, Scruffs have always been dedicated to their mission of creating premium pet products, and have built their reputation of unmatched consistency and quality. Since their founding, Scruffs have grown to become one of the top brands for designer pet products, distributing in almost 40 countries throughout Europe, The Americas, and Australia.

With the undeniable style and fashion of their products, the luxurious bedding and accessories fit right into any chic home decor and act as the ideal furniture pieces that any room needs!

Read on to find out more about their range of products!

Ellen Mattress Dog Bed Pink

scruffs ellen mattress dog bed

Undeniably chic, this Ellen Mattress dog bed in a pale pink is perfect for any pampered pooch! Made using textured faux fur and a contrasting tweed outer, the bed is stylish and fashionable to fit into your home environment. The mattress is filled with 100% recycled green fibre, secured in four places for extra comfy cushioning and durability. More so, its sleeping area which is lined with luxurious plush fur is made especially for warmth and comfort! The bed comes in 2 main sizes.

Grey Winter Wonderland Snuggle Blanket

grey winter wonderland snuggle bed scruffsThe best place to snuggle into, this Grey Winter Wonderland blanket is perfectly themed for the season! The blanket features a reversible design which sports soft plush lining for cold snuggle days, and a warm short-pile cover for warmer weather. It sports a beautiful snowflake print design on light grey, allowing your dog to embrace this winter in the most cosy of blankets!

Scruffs Wilton Dog Carrier Black

scruffs  dog carrier black

Carry your dog in luxury! This Wilton dog carrier is produced from quilted black fabric stitched in a stylish diamond pattern. The inside of the carrier is lined with plush faux fur to keep your pet warm no matter the weather. Convenient and functional, this carrier comes with adjustable shoulder straps to make carrying your dog easier, as well as a fold-out water bowl for when you’re on the move! It is also fitted with a removable base for easy and quick cleaning, and comes in a standard size.

Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat Cajun Purple

cajun purple thermal coat scruffsWinter walks will never be a hassle with this coat. The Scurffs thermal dog coat is available in a range of different colors, and is made especially to provide your pet protection from rain, wind and cold weather due to its soft shell outer. Made to keep your dog’s body and muscles extra warm, this coat features hollow fibre lining to maximize its thermal properties, and comes with a micro-fleece turtleneck collar and chest pad  for enhanced fit and comfort. It utilized reflective technology lining to aid visibility at night.

There’s Much More!

Don’t miss out on more of Scruffs fabulous dog products available at our store and treat your pets to the luxurious life they deserve

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