Seasonal Health Tips For Your Canine

by Nancy Boland

With the change in season come new and potential health concerns and season specific problems to be aware of. The turn of cooler weather can mean less exercise, more allergies and other issues for your dog.


The following tips should help make the transition into the Autumn and winter seasons more enjoyable.


Health Concerns



We tend to forget that allergies can strike up during any season, not just the spring and summer months. Other allergies to be aware of include skin allergies, usually evidenced by itching and red sore patches but also by sneezing, loud snorting and clear nasal discharge.

autumn 2

Temperature Control

As the weather cools down, consider getting your dog a  rain proof coat if you haven’t already, especially if they have a thinner coat themselves and are prone to feeling the cold.



With Autumn signalling the start of several food orientated holidays, make sure you keep Halloween chocolate and sweets well out of reach as they contain ingredients like theobromine, that are toxic to dogs.



Getting in a walk when the mornings and evenings are dark and miserable can be tricky,but it will improve both your mood and your dogs if you get out there and get moving. Remember to invest in some reflective gear, like light-up collars or leads, and something reflective for you to wear too so you are both visible.

autumn 3

As the season develops and the weather gets colder, be aware  of ice that can cut dog’s paws and any potentially hazardous deicers that may have chemicals poisonous to dogs, like ammonium nitrate, propylene glycol, and sodium ferrocyanide.


Try to avoid these chemically treated areas, if possible. If you can’t, make sure that your dog does not lick at the ground, using a muzzle if you absolutely have to choice but to walk in the areas chemically treated.  If you need to ice your own drive or walkways, look for pet safe salts, which most pet stores carry as the winter progresses.


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