Secret Santa for the dog lover in your office

by Bronwyn Hall

It is the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, I know I’ve been saying that since mid November. However, I’ve just got back from my works Christmas party and so I feel a little entitled. I also feel a non specified amount of red wine…

As part of our Christmas party, we arranged a secret Santa event (is “event” the right word here…?). For my secret Santa some wonderful and mysterious person gifted me with what every Chihuahua owner needs at this time of year: a Chihuahua sized Santa outfit.

A very sleepy Dexter, playing dress up after my Christmas party.

A very sleepy Dexter, playing dress up after my Christmas party.

I celebrated with a couple more glasses of red, naturally. But, as I am sat on my tube home, it got me thinking. What would be a great secret Santa for the dog lover in your workplace?

Well, a festive style doggy outfit is always a winner in my opinion. This luxury red velvet number is not only gorgeous in it’s own right but also comes in nine glorious sizes.


However if your budget is more around the £10 or under mark you may want to check out this bandana. This high quality, festive poinsettia bandana easily slips onto the dogs collar. I can’t think of a dog-loving-Christmas-enthusiast who wouldn’t like it!


Or maybe you want to blow the secret Santa budget completely and impress your dog loving colleague with this festively red dog bed. It is currently on sale and is stain resistant, germ resistant and odour resistant to boot!


Whatever you choose for the dog-crazy person in your office I would recommend visiting Chelsea Dogs. There are gifts ranging from £2.99 to £74.99, with everything in between!

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