Seven e-cards that will encourage your crazy dog tendencies

by Bronwyn Hall

These seven e-cards say it better than you ever could.




Because you completely and utterly do not care that your dog has a wardrobe bigger than most children. And most adults. Okay, fine – most humans in Western society then! Anyway, you completely and utterly do not care.



Because every time your grandma, great aunt, milkman says ‘You’re still single then?’ you want to scream ‘NO, I HAVE A DOG!’



Because some people need to understand that your house is also your dogs house. Therefore, if those certain people are offended by dog hair, toys, blankets or half eaten treats being strewn across the place then they have two options. One involves leaving.



Because sometimes Facebook appears to have ganged up with your grandma. Every last person you used to put the world to rights with over three £5 bottles of wine seems to be having real, grown up lives. But you have your dog and that is life’s greatest gift, you’re sure.



Because people need to understand that your dog deserves to be celebrated. And crazy cat people are totally more weird than you.



Because you understand that people don’t want to see 23 pictures of your dog everyday. Even if they really need to.



Because you know that your dog is better than people. And sometimes when you say ‘I’m busy’ you mean ‘I am staying at home in my PJs, drinking wine and spending time with my pooch.’






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