Sheriff’s Deputy survives attack thanks to canine partner

by Bronwyn Hall

A Sheriff’s Deputy from Mississippi, USA, has survived an attack by three assailants thanks to his canine partner, Lucas.

Todd Frazier was on patrol when he was ambushed by three men. During the attack they cut Frazier with a razor, beat him, choked him and attempted to carry him to a near by wooded area. It was only when he managed to free his hand that Deputy Frazier was able to hit a button that released Lucas from his vehicle.

ABC News

ABC News

Instantly, Lucas jumped to Frazier’s defence, attacking the suspects and reportedly biting at least two of them. Hancock County Sheriff, Ricky Adam, told ABC News ‘We don’t know how many he got, we just know that he had blood all over him.’

The suspects fled in a car and – at the time of writing – have not yet been caught.

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office released a statement that said: ‘We have received numerous calls and messages with concerns on how Canine Lucas is doing. While Canine Lucas suffered a torn ligament, some broken teeth and road rash, we are happy to report that though he is still recovering, he is expected to be fine. We want everyone to know that we truly appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers.’

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