Smitty The Golden Retriever Must Watch Marmaduke

by Chelsea Dogs

Is your pet a TV addict? We found it so cute that the owner of this beautiful golden retriever Smitty came home to find him glued to the tv watching non other than Marmaduke! That’s right, Smitty the golden retriever must watch Marmaduke! The owner wasn’t too impressed and had to sit through the whole movie for Smitty’s sake!

Our Labrador Theodore, who often gets his paws on this blog, isn’t really interested in tv, he spends most of his time finding ways to sneak up on the sofa. He uses puppy eyes, sad face, the slow tail wag and many more of his tricks until we eventually give in and allow him up. He then proceeds to slowly uncurl and ‘stretch’ kicking us so that we move over and he ends up with half the sofa to himself!!! Sneaky Labrador but we love him!

We want to know if your dog (or cat) watches tv and if so, what is their favourite show? Leave us your comments below!

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