Breed spotlight on: Jack Russell Terrier

by Bronwyn Hall

The Jack Russell Terrier is a small breed dog from the terrier family. Their origins lay in the south of England some 200 years ago when they were bred for fox hunting.

Loved for their portable size – between 10 inches to one foot – and their bold and intelligent disposition, the Jack Russell is a popular dog. In fact, in a recent study they were found to be the second most popular dog in the UK – just behind the Labrador Retriever.

Jack Russell


However, this athletic and determined little dog (weighing in at around 15 pounds) is recommended for experienced dog owners only. Training a Jack Russell Terrier is not an easy task to undertake, although he is a highly intelligent little dog, he certainly has a mind of his own. Ensure that you have plenty of patience and time on your  hands to invest in the JRT and you could earn yourself a wonderful canine companion.

This breed loves to be with people, however, his boisterous nature could overwhelm younger family members. Older children in the family will enjoy the Jack Russell’s company and his ability to play fetch until the cows come home…so to speak. If you’re looking for a running companion though, this dog will endeavour to run rings around you with no run too long to defeat him.

Jack Russell


Bare in mind to keep this little dog on the lead where possible – his inner hunter won’t be able to resist chasing cats and other small animals with murderous joy in his eyes…

If you are looking for a dog that loves to learn tricks, is highly energetic and loves to get into mischief then this is the one for you! However, if you’re not so keen on their instinctive chewing, digging and barking as well as their desire to find a way around anything you ask them to do… maybe rethink your choice of breed.

Jack Russell




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