Spring health tips for dog owners

by Nancy Boland

Dogs tend to love spring because they get to spend more time outdoors. After being cooped up during the winter it’s a pleasure for them to spend more time outside in the sunshine and burn off all that pent up energy from winter.  It’s also enjoyable to see your dog enjoy the warmer days and longer nights. However, a change in season can bring about certain health concerns so take a moment and make sure your dog is fully prepared for upcoming spring with our spring health tips for dog owners.

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Ticks and fleas

There are a variety of products available to combat these nuisances, so ask your veterinarian which one is best for your dog. Start early as preventing ticks and fleas from becoming a problem is far easier than dealing with a major flea infestation and get into the habit of regularly checking your dog for ticks. Ticks are typically found around the head, on the ears, neck, chest and forelegs although they can be found anywhere. Fleas often gather around the top of the neck.


Your dog will come into contact with more dogs when the weather improves, so they are potentially more exposed to infectious diseases during this time of year. For example many veterinary clinics start to see increased incidence of kennel cough in the spring because of increasing contact with other dogs.

Toxic plants

Keep in mind that some dogs can enjoy digging and are busy, inquisitive little souls! Fertilizers and mulch can be toxic as well so store them in an inaccessible area like a shed when not in use and do not allow your dog in the garden area.

Spring cleaning

Be careful when tackling spring cleaning with your dog around. They love to get into things and aren’t aware of what is harmful to them so that is your responsibility. Some Household toxicity in the home include things like antifreeze, zinc and lead commonly found in pennies, cleaning products, fertiliser, human pills and potions and pet ones and perhaps the most well know, human food like chocolate and raisins, etc.

Spring means fun for everyone and dogs are no different so get your lead and enjoy your walk.  You are bound to notice a little spring in your dog’s steps.

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