Stack on Jack

by Alessia

I found this hilarious website, Stack on Jack, which features Jack the dog balancing anything from a frying pan to a flute of champagne on his nose or head. On the tumblr website for the dog, is a short video of the star of stack on Jack, a four year old cattle dog performing a number of tricks from simple to complex. He’s an absolutely adorable dog and Stack on Jack is such a funny website to waste some of your time on at your work computer. Maybe I haven’t found this feature if it exists, but I’d love a “challenge Jack to stack” box where people could leave a comment of what they want to stack on Jack next! Such a cute concept and a very well behaved and talented pooch. See some of Jack’s latest “stacks” below:

tumblr_mybh60D7k71spr8nzo1_500 tumblr_my0rpbSpnX1spr8nzo1_500 tumblr_mxv4s6qOwY1spr8nzo1_500

Alessia xx

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