Stolen dogs returned by blackmailer

by Bronwyn Hall

Two stolen dogs have been returned to their owners during an exchange in a car park.

Ruby and Skye – both Spaniels – were stolen from the back garden of their owners, the Pearce family. What followed saw the family launch a Facebook campaign to find their dogs as well as putting up multiple posters appealing for information and offering a reward.


However, they were contacted on Friday by a man who said he was able to return the dogs. Miss Pearce told the BBC ‘He said he could get our dogs if we made it worth his while.’ After briefly conversing with the man they were told to drive to a lay-by and wait for further instructions. Miss Pearce says that she and her father were then directed to a car park in the middle of nowhere.

The hooded stranger ordered the family not to look at him and to turn around once they had handed him several hundred pounds of reward money. Then they were reunited with Ruby and Skye who were ‘a little traumatised.’


It is not known if this man was involved with the theft of the dogs but police investigations are continuing.

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