Stylish Beaded Dog Collars for Your Pooch

by Reena Bakir

Every pampered pooch needs their own set of stylish and unique beaded dog collars, handmade to perfection from the finest leather materials and glass beads to please any fashionable dog!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we offer a wide range of fun and unique beaded dog collar designs, coming in a range of colours and prints! Here’s a compiled list of our favourite beaded dog collars to make any dog happy! If you are still looking for more dog collars of different designs and styles, check out what we offer at our store here.

Union Jack Beaded Dog Collars

Union Jack British beaded dog collars

Made from comfortable soft leather and entirely hand-beaded, this Union Jack beaded collar features the classic red, white and blue colours that would please any patriotic pooch and their owner! Not only is this collar incredibly luxurious, but it’s materials are also entirely ethically sourced from Kenya and supporting fair trade to ensure all workers are paid their effort’s worth! The collars come in different widths and lengths, as well as different paddings and fasteners to choose from to suit the breed of your dog specifically!

Designer Beaded Leather Dog Collar Pink and Blue

luxury leather beaded dog collars

This stunning leather beaded dog collar is entirely hand-made featuring beautiful beads in pink and blue! The adorable mix of colours will make any dog’s heart melt, so say goodbye to boring plain colours and welcome this new chic style that’ll make your dog the coolest one at the park! The collar can also come in a range of other colour combinations for your liking! It also comes in 6 sizes, making sure to allow for a perfect fit for a dog of any breed or size!

Designer Beaded Leather Dog Collar Rainbow

rainbow beaded dog collarThis fun and exciting designer beaded dog collar is handmade from the softest leather and the finest beads, coming in a colourful rainbow design to make your dog look super stylish! Get this collar in rainbow beads to flaunt your dog’s newest cool accessory! It also comes in 6 different sizes to fit dogs from any breed!

Bajuni Beaded Leather Dog Collar 

brown leather beaded dog collars ukMade from stylish Kenyan leather, this fashionable beaded dog collar in Bajuni print makes any dog look luxurious and unique. Featuring brown and gold hues, with a touch of white, the Bajuni design is an elegant choice to make this luxury leather collar look all the more distinguished. The collar is beautifully finished with a soft leather inside to keep it comfortable on your dog’s skin!

Kilifi Blue Beaded Leather Dog Collarblue beaded dog collars uk

The beautiful Kilifi design on this luxury leather collar features hues of blues and white, giving a fresh burst of colour to any dog’s accessory. The glass beads are entirely applied by hand, making this collar and its design all the more unique and special. The collar also comes with round blue beaded tag, adding a special touch!

There’s still more!

Still looking for that perfect beaded dog collar for your pampered pet? Check out our entire collection of beaded dog collars and leads on our website here, as well as our collection of all luxury and designer dog collar and leads!

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