Stylish Dog Jumpers for 2019

by Reena Bakir
dog jumpers 2019

Start the coming year in style! Your dog needs to stay warm and look luxurious this winter, and these stylish dog jumpers are just what they need! Made from the highest quality materials created especially to keep your dog cosy and make them look their absolute best, fabulous jumpers are the perfect addition to your dog’s winter wardrobe this 2019!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have a luxurious selection of designer dog jumpers that will make the best gift for your precious pet! Read on to find out about our top picks!

Bowl and Bone Snowflake Dog Pullover

dog jumpers 2018 snowflake

Chilly evening walks will never be a hassle with this luxury snowflake dog pullover, perfect for the winter months! This sweater is made from luxury lamb wool that is soft to the touch, tactile and retains heat due to its specially designed turtleneck. The ideal combination of trendy and functional, the jumper features an opening to attach a collar and comes in four different sizes, making it the supreme outfit for a walk for all dog breeds!

Wooldog Supreme 100% Merino Wool Pink Powder Dog Jumper

dog jumpers 2019

This Wooldog Supreme sweater is made from 100% Merino Wool, which was created with perfection in mind! The perfect choice for all seasons, this sweater wraps your pet in softness! It further allows for air circulation, is dirt resistant and prevents bacterial proliferation. This sweater doesn’t only keep your dog warm, but also looks after their health so you never need to worry about taking them for a walk in the code ever again! It comes in a range of sizes, and can be customized to fit whippets and sighthounds!

Coco Cable Knit Dog Hoody By House of Paws

luxury dog jumpers

This beautiful Coco Cable Knit dog hoody by House of Paws is the greatest jumper to have for the colder months. Made from 70% wool and 30% acrylic, this jumper features a fleece lined hood with a faux pom pom to pull over your dog’s head when it gets too cold on a walk! The jumpers is easy to be worn by your pup with its back leg straps that ensure a safe and tight fit, and comes in five sizes to make it available to dogs of all body types and breeds!

Sunshine Stripe Dog Jumper by Sotnos

Unique in style, this Sunshine jumper features a chic breton stripe design with a pop of bright yellow that’ll make your dog look like the happiest pup in the park on the cloudiest and coldest of days! With its soft and high quality material, this jumper is a must-have for any lively dog. It is easy to fit on your dog and take off, and is available in a range of sizes for all happy dogs to wear!

There’s More!

There’s a great luxurious selection of stylish dog jumpers that are fundamental to your dog’s wardrobe, so make sure you don’t miss them at our store!

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