Stylish Small Dog Coats

by Reena Bakir
small dog coats

Dog coats don’t just keep your dog warm and safe from the rain during the winter months, but they also stand as a very unique fashion statement and gives your dog a fit of luxury and style! While dogs of all shapes and sizes can wear coats, it might be hard to find a coat that fits perfectly and comfortable on pups and smaller dogs, especially with many coats being tailored to larger breeds. Here at Chelsea Dogs, we offer a selection of small dog coats that are guaranteed to fit your pup comfortably and perfectly.

Visit our store here for our full collection of small dog coats. Below is a list of some of our favorite picks!

Luxury Sherpa Suede Leather Dog Coat

small dog coatsMade from genuine suede leather, this stylish coat is lined with faux fur to keep your dog comfy and warm at all times! Dedicated to quality and comfort, the coat is durable, weather-proof and wind proof, ensuring a long-lasting and convenient coat. The coat is designed with special features to make it functional and appropriate, such as the straps at the front and around the body to keep the dog warm as well as the velcro straps to make it easily wearable and removable.

Green Tweed Dog Coat

small tweed coat for dogs

This adorable dog coat in a lovely green tweed is made to be a perfect fit for dogs of all sizes, especially the small ones! With its stylish print, the dog is a fashionable pick for any dog! The coat is lined with soft brown fleece and the collar is lined with a cream faux sheepskin to ensure warmth and comfort. It is easily adjustable and can fit easily onto any dog with velcro straps to make it practical and functional.

Stylish Casual Woolen Dog Coat

small dog coats greyAvailable in two luxurious colors, this casual woolen dog coat is made from a wool mix fabric usually used to create blazers for humans. The fabric is lightweight and warm, with the fleece lining that ensures that your dog is kept warm. The coat is machine-washable, water proof and even shower proof, so you’ll never have to fret about taking your dog for a walk in the wet weather! The coat is available in a range of sizes, and comes with practical straps around the chest, body and back of the dog to ensure a good fit as well as comfort!

Luxury Yellow Dog Raincoat

small raincoat for dogs

This stylish raincoat in a beautiful striking yellow is the fashion statement that every dog needs! The coat is handmade of high quality densely-woven microfiber which gives it its showerproof, waterproof and lightweight characteristics! The coat comes in many sizes and can be easily adjustable to fit onto any dog, no matter what size. It is also available in two other colors, navy blue and moss green.

Navy Wax Dog Jacket

small blue dog coatsWith its easy belt fastenings, this dog is guaranteed to be a perfect fit on small dogs. This classic Wax Jacket is designed to resist the rain, snow and wind with its high quality fabric created to keep your dog warm and satisfied, and most importantly stylish! Lined with a soft plaid design, this all-time classic will never run out of style and will remain durable and strong withstanding all the elements!

Looking for more?

Looking for more small dog coats to fit your tiny pup? Take a look at the collection available at our store here, and choose the best pick for your pooch!

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