Summer: Sunshine, Picnics, Swimming & Bugs.

by Lucas

Summertime is here, my friends. I have been basking in the sun like a cat and eating food off of the ground whenever I can because man, do I love a good picnic in the park. I wake up promptly at 5:30 when the sun has risen so that one of my owners can take me for a long walk in the morning sun, and I usually christen a new tree every day just because the trees really do look beautiful this time of year. The only thing I don’t like about summer though, especially because I hear my humans complaining about it all day long, are the bugs. Though I love a good game of cat and mouse, have you ever eaten one of those things?! YUCK! I was browsing the web today because it was a little too hot in my fur to go outside, and I came across this video of Lucy, a pretty lookin’ girl fighting off what appears to be a cockroach. Props to you Lucy, I hate those things.


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