How to Survive Puppy Teething

by Nancy Boland

Puppy teething is something that every puppy and owner has to go through. It’s best to learn all you can about puppy teething so you know the best steps you can take to cope as best as possible. Here are some tips on how to bring you and your puppy some relief during the teething process.

Chew Toys

Chewing comes naturally to a teething puppy. If you leave them unattended, you can expect to have your favourite shoes in shreds, or your sofa destroyed. You can’t punish the puppy because he is in pain, and this is what comes natural to them. The best thing to do is give them some sturdy rope toys, or plastic toys, that will help with the teething, and save your shoes and personal belongings. To make sure your puppy doesn’t get bored, change the toys every few weeks, and always make sure to keep them in a place they can reach them. Click here for a great range of puppy toys.

puppy teething

Crate Training

This can be a controversial method, but nonetheless it is still an option. Crating a teething puppy saves your furniture and belongings from being destroyed, and gives the puppy a safe place to go. Line the crate with a cosy warm blanket and a few toys for the puppy to chew on and it becomes an inviting, safe place to be. Click here for a great range of puppy crates including the PetzPodz range.

Discourage Biting

When a puppy is teething, it naturally wants to chew on everything within reach, including you. This shouldn’t be an acceptable behaviour and you need to gently, but firmly, discourage the habit. When your puppy tries to chew on your hand or foot, firmly tell him no, and then give him his chew toy to chew on instead. If the behaviour continues, discourage it by calmly walking away. He will soon learn that chewing gets no attention and therefore no reward.

Cold Toys

Just like with babies, the feel of cold against the gums helps the itching and pain associated with dog teething. Keep the rope or similar toy in the freezer for a half hour and then give it to your puppy to chew on. The cold toy numbs the aching jaws and gums of the puppy, and gives it a “new” type of toy to play with to help encourage his interest.

puppy teething

Love and Affection

Your puppy will need extra love and affection from you during the teething period. While you need to be firm to stop him from chewing up your personal belongings, you still need to remember that the puppy has no idea what is going on, and by chewing is only looking for relief and not deliberately trying to be naughty.

The puppy teething process can be hard on the both of you. If you follow the tips above, it will be much easier to survive this somewhat difficult period. The chew toys, firm reprimands, and the unconditional love that you give your puppy during the teething period will make all the difference in how you both survive this tricky time.

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