Swimming Benefits for Dogs

by Alessia

Not all dogs can be thrown into the water and know how to swim right away. Most breeds of dogs are inherently good swimmers, lots can learn after only a few times in water, but some won’t know how to swim unless they are taught and given the opportunity to. Ollie is a senior dog learning a new trick in this Petco video that shows a few pups splashing around and teaches us some of the swimming benefits for dogs.


Restore movement. Swimming can be great physical therapy for a dog of any age, especially an older dog or one with joint issues.

It’s good exercise. Like when humans exercise, physical activity releases endorphins in the brain of your dog, making them feel good and happy. Swimming is a great way to get your dog moving, even if they may not normally be the most mobile dog on land.

It’s fun! Having the right gear (i.e. swimming vest for  a dog who cannot yet swim) and toys can make swimming a fun and excellent exercise routine for both you and your pooch.

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