Teach Your Dog To Back Up

by Alessia

There are a number of reasons to teach your dog to back up. It is the gateway to a bunch of other tricks, and can work out some of their muscles in a different way, but is also helpful when it comes to making sure they are away from an opening front door, or if they are too close to something in the kitchen. It’s a nice command to have in your arsenal to use, and a pretty easy one to teach at that.


Step one: With a treat in hand, take steps toward your standing dog. When he takes steps backwards, treat him.

Step two: Keep moving forward and treat him after multiple steps, making sure to increase the amount of steps both you and him take each time.

Step three: Try using a hand signal, like waving back, or the command “back”, along with less steps. Treat him when he continues to move back with less prompting.

Step four: Use “back” and the hand signal. Treat him when he obeys. Put more and more distance between the number of treats he is given until he has mastered the command.

An easy one for sure that will most likely come in handy in more scenarios than you can imagine. Or, another fun party trick. We like those.

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