Teach Your Dog To Give A Paw

by Alessia

If you want your pooch to greet guests with a cute trick, you can teach your dog to give a paw to all of your visitors. This is an easy trick to accomplish with a couple of delicious treats and some patience.


Step one. Once your dog is comfortable with the sit command, have him sit in front of you. Put your hand out near his leg and if he puts his paw in your hand say “paw” and give him a treat. If he does nothing, or something other than putting his paw in your hand, tap his paw with your other hand to get him to put it in your hand. Once he does, say “paw” and treat him.

Step two. Repeat step one a few times until your dog puts his paw in your hand on his own. Then, without your hand up, give the “paw” command, put your hand out, and when he gives you his paw treat him.

Step three. Repeat any parts or variations of steps one and two until you can get your dog to give you his paw through the command only, or a combination of the command and hand gesture.

This trick is not particularly difficult to teach, it’s actually more difficult to instruct the teaching method than it is to sit with your dog and teach him. Most dogs will catch on to the paw motion fairly quickly, especially if they are being rewarded. As with any training, patience and repetitiveness are key.

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