Teaching Your Dog To Walk Well

by Nancy Boland

If your dog doesn’t walk well, whether he becomes aggressive with other dogs, is timid of people or just pulls excessively on his lead it can make having an enjoyable walk almost impossible. A well socialised dog is a happy one so it’s important to avoid the following mistakes for a calm and happy walking experience.


Don’t Anticipate the Worst

Expectation can become reality, so if you head out the door worried that something bad might happen on the walk, you’ve already set the scene for bad things to happen. Your dog will also pick up on your mood and sense your anxieties. Dogs don’t dwell on the past like we do so aren’t necessarily anticipating anything bad to happen, so your negative mood can definitely affect them.


Stay Around People

If your dog usually causes a scene around other people and dogs, avoid pulling them away from the situation as all this does is reinforce t your dog that there is something to be concerned about and begin to associate this as an issue.


Keep Calm 

When you encounter people or other dogs, stay calm. If you’re calm, then your dog will be Even if the other dog becomes hyperactive or even aggressive, your calm-assertive energy will tell your dog that this is nothing to be worried about, and it will be much easier to control your dog.


Don’t Pull

If your dog does start to bark at another dog, do not pull back on the lead as this will make them pull even harder. Instead given the lead a quick pull to the side or up instead of back. This will signal as a stop sign and not encourage them further.


Don’t Raise Your Voice

If your dog does become over-excited or aggressive on the walk, try and resist getting frustrated and raising your voice. This only encourages their excitement or aggression as they sense your own and feed off it. Dogs are very sensitive to our emotions and tend to mirror them so if you stay calm, your dog will to.

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