Terrified Shelter Dog Campbell Finally Finds His Smile

by Chelsea Dogs
Campbell shelter dog

Campbell was shaken and scared after being caged for such a long time. He was so submissive that he urinated all over himself if you went to stroke him.

After working with him for a few weeks, letting him play with other dogs and giving him some tender loving care, little Campbell has finally blossomed. It is the moment that we have all been waiting for and he is now ready for adoption!

Thanks to the Trio Animal Foundation for sharing this story!

Campbell shelter dog

On January 19th of this year, TAF posted that we had just pulled a pup from an open access shelter that hadn’t touched the grass in almost nine months.

His name was Campbell and, understandably, he was a little shell-shocked and scared after being caged for so long. He was so submissive that he peed all over himself if you went to pet him. The poor guy didn’t know what to do with himself.

Here is Campbell bio’s from TAF Petfinder page:

Campbell is a young border collie mix, around 1.5-2 years old. He is very social with other dogs, and while he LOVES people, he is a little reserved/submissive until he gets to know you. He will happily take treats, and loves to be by people, but you can tell he is a little scared…9 months in a shelter can do that to a young dog.

As I write his bio, Campbell is running around the office looking for the treats I hid for him and then comes to check in with me, a huge smile on his face and his tail gently wagging. He just needs someone to be patient and to let him get comfortable…once you’re his buddy, you’re his buddy for life. Campbell is crate trained and appears housetrained. He is scared on leash but walks along just fine if you encourage him with a “good boy” every once in awhile.

Obviously Campbell is over in the US but if you have any friends over there please share this story to help find Campbell his forever home.

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