The Benefits Of Rescuing A Dog

by Alexandra Madani

Although there are several responsible dog owners in the worlds, there are those not as caring. People who have failed to have their dog spayed or neutered often end up helping to increase the population of unwanted dogs. All too often these dogs end up on the streets or in kennels. These dogs can end up being subjected to a life full of evils such as hunger, poor health and abuse. People who make the decision to rescue on of these dogs from a shelter are taking part in reducing the number of dogs which, to no fault of their own, would otherwise lead hard lives and die. People who rescue a dog know they have made a difference in the life of an innocent dog.

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Saving Dogs from Dog Fighting

Each year authorities raid several illegal puppy mills and disband many dog fighting rings. The dogs that have been abused in these situations are turned over to dog shelters. Many of these dogs do not survive for long after they have been rescued from these abusive situations. The other dogs, who do survive, often end up being euthanized if a proper home is not secured in the allotted amount of time. This is a tragedy because the dogs that are rescued from puppy mill and other illegal situations are rehabilitated to make them ideal pets. Many people who do adopt these rescued pets have reported these dogs are far better behaved than other pets they have owned. This is thought to be because of the amount of time and effort which is put into rehabilitating them for normal pet life. All of this makes them ideal pets for adoption.

Help Save Dogs from Cruelty

There are several individuals each year who are charged with animal cruelty. Dog shelters are full of dogs that have been abused and neglected at the hands of their owners. These dogs are innocent victims who have no voice. Many of them just need to be placed in a loving and caring home so they can thrive for their remaining years. These pets can be an excellent and loving addition to a caring family.

Get the Breed You Want

There are several people who avoid rescuing a dog because they are in search of a specific breed of dog to own. People are looking for a specific breed of dog should first look into one of the rescue groups in their area for that breed of dog. There are several scenarios in which people who have purchased a pedigreed dog have to give it up. People may find themselves in a situation where they can longer afford a dog or they are unable to take the dog to location they are moving to. People will find these dogs have been well cared for and often they are already trained. These dogs are usually placed into temporary homes of people who work with these recue groups. The temporary owners can let you know specific details about the dog’s demeanour before you adopt. The adoption fees for these dogs are far lower than the amount which the original owner may have paid a breeder or pet shop for them.

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