The Best Books for Dog Lovers

by Melissa Keen

Whether you’re new to dog-owning, or you’ve had dogs your entire life, you can never learn too much about how to properly bring up and train your pup.

It’s also likely as a dog lover you will never get bored of hearing about amazing dog stories from around the globe.

There are some amazing resources out there, particularly in the world of books, that are written by seasoned experts, vets, dog trainers and lovers alike to help you make sense of new reports and research on the best ways to raise your dog.

There are also some incredible autobiographies showcasing the heroic acts of amazing pups that are sure to have even the hardest of humans welling up.

If you’re after a new read, look no further – we’ve written down our top 7 favourite books about dogs!

‘Emma & I’, by Sheila Hocken.

Emma & I is a beautifully written autobiography told by Sheila, a woman who has lived with blindness her entire life. Enter Emma, a chocolate Labrador guide dog, who helps her make sense of her dark world. Everything changes when Sheila has life-altering surgery that gives her sight. A beautiful, touching and emotional story that all dog lovers will adore.

‘The Goodness of Dogs’, by India Knight.

A part-memoir, part-training-advice book by a woman who seriously loves dogs! Get ready for some proper belly laughs – and perhaps the odd tear or two – as India discusses things only dog owners will understand (including the dreaded diarrhoea poop-scoop!)

‘In Defence of Dogs’, by John Bradshaw.

By one of the world’s leading dog experts, this is a must-read for dog owners, old or new. Taking real science and reports, John shows us how (and why) we should really be treating our canine besties differently than how you might expect. A true eye-opener.

‘How to Raise the Perfect Dog’, by Cesar Millan.

Cesar Millan, aka The Dog Whisperer, has some excellent advice on raising a puppy. While some of his techniques are slightly old-fashioned and in conflict with John Bradshaw, the rest is very effective. Read alongside ‘In Defence of Dogs’ for the best, most up-to-date information.

‘Marley & Me’, by John Grogan.

A best-selling autobiography about an out-of-control yellow Labrador who wreaks havoc wherever he goes! A very touching, hilarious and tear-inducing story – keep the tissues at the ready!

‘The Loved Dog’, by Tamar Geller.

Tamar is dog trainer to the stars (she’s trained the dogs of Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Ben Affleck, Reese Witherspoon… the list goes on!) Considered “a life coach for dogs and their people”, Tamar’s book talks about her mindful, fun, effective and innovative methods of training your dog.

‘A Dog’s Purpose’, by W. Bruce Cameron.

This book follows the four lives of a dog as he is reincarnated, and how he finds his purpose in each of his lives. Written from the perspective of the dog, it is a funny and emotional book that will have you hugging your own pup close.

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