The Best Traditional Leather Dog Collars In The UK

by Chelsea Dogs

There’s nothing quite like a good quality traditional leather dog collar. It goes without saying that a traditional leather dog collar will be much sturdier and last a lot longer than fake leather collars or even fabric dog collars. Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have found a wonderful selection of high quality real leather dog collars most of which are made right here in the UK. What more could a dog ask for? Well, there’s always the matching lead!

Our traditional leather dog collars come in a few different designs. Although not specifically designed for different breeds of dog, some designs of collar are more suitable to some breeds and we’ll explain as we go.

Let’s start with the classic rolled leather dog collars by Dogs and Horses. These are constructed with a pre-stretched polyester cord around which they wrap, glue and stitch the soft leather. This rope is designed for sheet and halyard use by yachtsmen – which means it won’t rot if it gets wet and has excellent strength and durability. Rolled collars are ideal for long-haired dogs to prevent knots from forming in the coat (e.g. Cockerpoo, Bichon Frise, Shih Tzu).

Available in a great selection of colours as well as the traditional brown, tan and black leathers.

Dogs & Horses Rolled Traditional Leather Dog Collars

Dogs and Horses Traditional Leather Dog Collars Rolled UK

Next are the padded leather dog collars by Dogs and Horses. They use a top-grain hide leather strap which is then padded with foam. D&H glue and wrap the soft leather around the foam and stitch this onto the hide strap. Note that the smooth rolled edges of the collar will minimise breaking and matting of the dog’s coat. This style of collar is ideal for dogs that pull because the soft padding provides comfort around the neck and helps to reduce impact to the dog’s throat.

Again, these are available in a selection of lovely colours, all with the classic brown saddlery leather outer and in tan with cream lining or brown with cream lining.

Dogs & Horses Colours Collection Leather Dog Collars

Dogs and Horses padded leather dog collars uk

Next we have some flat leather dog collars by Creature Clothes. These also come in a selection of different colours including the classic black, brown and tan as well as red and a few fun neon colours. You can choose to have either silver or brass studs in a range of shapes including bones, hearts and stars.

Leather Dog Collars by Creature Clothes

Flat leather dog collars Creature Clothes UK
Flat leather dog collars Creature Clothes UK

Finally we have a range of leather dog collars that are sure to please everyone. Plain and simple is how we would describe the Tagiffany leather dog collars. These collars are unique as they feature 2 D-rings, one for the dog tag and the other for the dog lead to prevent any damage to your dogs tag by rubbing against the metal clasp of the lead.

Tagiffany Leather Dog Collars

red leather dog collars uk
pink leather dog collars uk
blue leather dog collars uk

Also available in traditional dark brown and light brown.

Click here to view all our luxury leather dog collars.

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