The Five Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

by Chelsea Dogs

Many people who live in apartments believe owning a dog is impossible for them. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, there are some breeds that would be completely unsuited for lying around an apartment – for example, Siberian Huskies, McNabbs, Australian Shepherds and other high energy working dogs might be poor choices – but let’s take a look at the Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living.

The Lazy English Bulldog

british bulldog

Not only will this particular breed of dog find contentment lazing around the house on the couch watching the television all day, but this dog also has an amazing disposition. Both lovable and loyal, the English Bulldog is perhaps the top choice for those looking for the perfect apartment mate. While they are not necessarily considered a small breed as they are quite chunky and stocky, they are compact and fit well in even the tiniest studio flat. Just be prepared to share the bed as this dog will most assuredly win you over and demand a spot under your blankets.

American Gentleman- The Boston Terrier

boston terrier

The Boston Terrier has a coat that actually resembles a tuxedo! It is one of the most adorable traits of this breed. However, there is so much more beneath the surface of the coat that makes this dog a gentleman, or gentle lady as it were. One of the most well-mannered of all dog breeds; passive, quiet, respectful and eager to please can all be used to describe this cute little animal. For maximum bonding, the Boston Terrier may be one of the most affectionate when it comes to interacting with his/her owner. A real gem for dog lovers who live in apartments. Let us not fail to mention the size of the Boston Terrier. They are handy little dogs and what is more, they require only a small bit of exercise each day. Perfect choice really.

The Gentle Giant- Great Dane

great dane

Yes, we have jumped from one extreme to another. The Great Dane is a tremendous dog, often weighing in at 200 pounds or more! If you’re scratching your head trying to imagine how this huge dog could possibly dwell with you in your apartment, read on. These are slow moving giants who are fine with snoozing all day and couldn’t care less if they never got to run anywhere. In fact, good luck getting a Great Dane to walk briskly let alone run. The funny thing about this huge dog is the fact you hardly know their presence. They are so quiet, almost never making a noise other than the occasional snore. Do keep in mind that Great Danes are best suited for one dog households as they may not enjoy the company of another animal.

“Frankie” the Pug


Who hasn’t seen the Will Smith movie, Men in Black? Frankie is the famous little dog from that movie and has gained major popularity with those living in small spaces. Not only is the Pug’s face one of the cutest sites you’ll ever see with its mushed in face and bulging little eyes, but these little guys are super affectionate and they love their masters with a loyalty that is almost unparalleled. Come on, how many times have you found yourself having to stop off and make goo goo noises at the random passerby’s Pug? Too cute to resist really. They are also what we call shadow dogs as these adorable little creatures will literally follow you everywhere you go. Earplugs are a nice thing to own if snoring bothers you, but the trade off? You won’t mind the snoring.

Yippy Yappy Tiny- Chihuahuas


Yes, these dogs are mean little devils, perfect for the apartment dweller who wants a tiny house alarm running around. This breed, amazingly for the miniature size has almost no fear of anything. Now this is not to say they are going to maul you or your family, after all the most this tiny animal could do is gnaw at your baby toe! Not all Chihuahuas are nippy or mean but some people think it’s cute. This dog is special because weighing in at anywhere from 3 to 8 pounds on the heavier end, you can put little pink bows on their heads, or blue hats for males and you can carry them around in your purse! How convenient and handy is that? This is a no-brainer. If you can fit a dog in your purse it is safe to say you can fit him or her in your apartment. Your neighbors might not be fond of the yipping but they’ll get over it in time.

If you are a condominium dweller or apartment renter, Little Puppies Online in Florida is the site to visit. Provided they come from a reputable breeder, all of the above breeds will bring you years of joy, no matter which breed you prefer. There are obviously many more to choose from but these top five are just a starting point of reference for those considering purchasing or adopting a dog that will be living in a small space.

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