The Heartbreaking Stories Of Five Bionic Dogs

by Alessia

Artificial limbs aren’t only used for humans, dogs are now being given new chances at life with the help of them as well. These five dogs, called “bionic” dogs, were each fitted for artificial limbs in some capacity after living through the trauma of losing one, two or all four limbs, and ultimately, were given a new lease on life. [Source]

1. Naki’o
Naki’o was abandoned as a puppy with his brothers and sisters in a Nebraska home, and his four paws and part of his tail were frozen into a puddle on the floor. He had to have all four paws amputated, but was adopted by a loving human who saw that the disability was holding the pup back and raised money for prosthetic limbs.

2. Pay de Limon (Lemon Pie)
Lemon Pie was used in a torture experiment by a gang in Mexico in which they cut off his two front paws to test intimidation tactics. The dog was found in a garbage can and taken to a shelter for abused dogs, which raised money to get him artificial legs.

3. Abayed
Once a working sheepdog, Abayed was shot by a passerby in Jordan who believed the dog was a stray. He became paralyzed through his hind legs as a result, and the shelter his owner brought him to took him in and eventually fitted him for a pair of wheeled legs so he would be able to roam the fields to herd sheep again.

4. Cassidy
Cassidy was adopted with one leg missing, but the disability was proving difficult for his to live with. The couple who adopted him took him to a veterinary orthopedic surgeon who created the first canine integrated artificial leg, which ended up becoming a permanent prosthetic – a titanium rod fused to the real bone in his leg.

5. Maulee
When Maulee’s leg became tangled in the blades of a wheat cutter, she nearly bled to death, but recovered after five days in the hospital. Her owners struggled to find a vet willing to make a prosthetic leg for her, but then the case was taken over by a medic who specialized in human artificial limbs. Maulee was fitted into a flexible limb that allows her to run around freely.

A little bit of love goes a long way, and the dedication that these humans showed to help these dogs has given them all the opportunity to live life like a dog again. Amazing.

Alessia xx

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